Steven's Loss

Steven's Loss is our gain - and we do our best to make his heartache be worth while by giving you just what we feel every day.

Cauliflowers For Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and need to get my mom a bit of a present.

She is a good girl and deserve something special even if just for putting out with me for the rest of the year!

I wasn’t too sure what to get her but when speaking about it to a friend the other day she suggested I get something that would remind is both when I was younger.

I thought for a while and had the idea of getting a cauliflower for her.


When I was a youngster, perhaps only eight or nine years old, are wanted to help my mom out of the kitchen. She gave me a special job (well, I thought it was special) and that job was cutting up the leaves of the cauliflower. Here is me, all eager and willing to help with the very blunt knife in my hand chopping up the leaves and being all proud to help my mum.

It wasn’t for many many years I realise that you don’t actually eat the leaves of cauliflowers and she just gave me the task to keep me quiet and out of the way.

I can chuckle about it now is it such a good idea to entertain a young boy but really, I can’t give my mom a cauliflower for mother’s day and it’s not just because it would be hard to giftwrap it!

Second choice would be to find a nice piece of jewellery for her. She’s always liked silver pieces as it goes well with skin colour and I think having a piece with Amber set into it would make a nice change for her. Amber is not a choice that she would naturally go for and while it will be a gamble me getting it for her as a gift, I think it’s something I should do.

There are some lovely necklaces at the Amber zone I found when browsing the Internet and I think I’ll go for that. You can’t go wrong with a nice piece of jewellery and Amber is certainly nice.

Have a great day all you mothers out there and I hope you get spoilt rotten and don’t have to do things like chop up cauliflower leaves for the whole day.

This Coming Weekend

I must say that I am looking forward to this weekend.  It’s thursday at the moment and been a pretty good week but this weekend should be great fun!


Good question, my beloved readers.  It’s Gemma’s birthday (Gemma is Shaz’s daughter and my niece) and I’m going back home to celebrate and see my family.

We don’t meet up too often - not nearly enough and it’s good when we get together and we can catch up on all the gossip.  Oh, and celebrate Gemma!

She’s going to be 4 on saturday and I’m looking forward to just chatting with everyone in the family; just those little things that like to hear about.  I’ve lived away from my home town for a while now and it’s good to hear about the goings on in the area.  Who is doing what and where.

And then there’s my mum.

We talk all the time on the phone but it’s lovely to chat face to face.

Anyway, I was looking for something to give Gemma.  It’s difficult to find a gift for a little girl but I think I did well.  There was a site about kids jewellery which I went to and they pointed me in the right direction.  Didn’t take long and it was all sorted out in a short time.

I will be back on Monday and I’ll be writing about what happened.  Wish me luck and I hope you have as good a weekend as I hopefully will.

What is Steven’s Loss?

Well, it’s a bit of a personal joke and I’m not going to say…yet.  In the future I may spill the beans (as we say in England - is this a worldwide saying?) and tell you all about it.  But I’ll have to get a number of people ask about it.  Some may say that it’s not very sensitive of me to call the blog what I have but…I don’t care.  I can live with being insensitive :)

Anyway, I shall be putting my thoughts and feelings here.  Not very interesting?  Quite possibly.  But I hope that it will be a little therapeutic and I think that it’s always good to put your feelings online - it will allow people like me to laugh about it!

So, that’s it for my first posting.  Want to say hello?  Feel free to send a message and will like to chat with fellow people.

All the best